FORTIS Technologies

Business Technology Solutions

We provide custom tech services to small and medium-scale enterprises and specialize in helping  setup IT services for start-ups or businesses that need to re-define their tech needs and services.

We can help support your in-house Tech team with solutions and help with out-sourced projects that could use optimisation and process checks. Our team's  tech leadership and digital expertise, can help realign your technology solutions to improve your business productivity.

Our team has  built enterprise software and multiplatform applications that helped our clients better engage their customers and scale their business.

Our comprehensive knowledge of software and application development, combined with our offshore resources, enables us to deliver high-quality development packages designed to minimize your costs and maximize your profits. We care about your success and we’re ready to prove it!
From startups to $1 billion companies, we make custom software development simple and cost effective. We specialize in a wide variety of software development, be it COTS products, custom software for the Web and Mobile platforms. Or business process optimization and re-alignment of software to better suit business needs.
Our developers have mastered a majority of the most popular programming languages and frameworks.

Our team is able to provide a wide variety of services in programming skills - Java/J2EE, Microsoft .Net, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, AngularJS, ReactJS and more.

We help you save up to 60% of the costs for your software projects without compromising quality. How? We have strategically placed our development office with full time developers in one of the hottest destinations for software development: Singapore. This enables us to significantly optimize costs, provide seamless project communication, and deliver excellent solution services.

Software Security is enforced in all aspect of Software Development and Delivery. We plan and mitigate risks and ensure Enterprise QA processes are followed and supported with proper documentation measures.

Meet The Team
  1. Founder, Business Strategy
    Founder, Business Strategy
  2. Director Technology
    Director Technology
As the founder and lead for Business Strategy, Tharana is responsible for Growth and Strategic direction. She is committed to honesty and channels her active and enthusiastic personality into the company spirit.

Tharana considers “Agile” to be a mindset and an attitude, not only a development methodology. She is committed to leading Fortis as an Agile enterprise and has empowered colleagues to have an Agile mindset, which goes beyond any process to permeate all activities throughout the workplace.

She has served as a Business Analyst and Project Manager for 10+ years in the Private, NGO and Government sectors where she was in charge of turnkey project management and consulting various domains.
As the Director of Technology, Azeem leads all software development projects. Azeem has 20+ years of experience in the Software Development industry.  

He has lead software development teams for 10 years for multiple platforms and different industries in India, Singapore and the United States. His vast experience empowers Fortis to take on projects of any size and complexity.
Azeem has been an Agile Lead for the past six years and leverages the Agile Mindset in supporting the team  ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Azeem remains committed to quality, establishing metrics and ensuring checks and balances while leading multiple development teams to deliver the highest quality of work to clients in a cost-effective manner.