Chaat Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is Delhi’s popular wholesale market.

I get a taste of Mumbai’s version in a plate of samosa chole at a chaat.

Nightclubs In Gurgaon Through this week, the Gurgaon district administration has ordered the closure of all shopping malls, swimming pools, The government has also ordered the shutting of gyms, night clubs and spas in the city until March

Travel Guide to Jaipur, India | The Pink City – Take time to try out such staple Jaipur street food like Chaat (comprise of lentils.

bazaars fill all corners of the ‘Pink.

On Tuesday, his neighbours Raunak, Lal, Mohammed and six others pressed him to prepare ‘chaat’. But when Chhotu refused to do so.

In Jaunpur, the body of a youth with bullet wounds was found near.