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14-11-2018  · MathAlive! Exhibit In this traveling exhibit dubbed "MathAlive!" kids can control a Mars rover, ride on a live-action snowboard, record their own weather telecast and play in more than 40 interactive galleries at Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

22-12-2017  · I just went to Mushrif Park, MathAlive! to take THIS AMAZING THREE-SIXTY DEGREE CAMERA! Try it out now! Check the website : http://mathalive.com/

29-10-2013  · MathAlive is a traveling exhibit that has been to the Smithsonian and other places in the United States. It is currently at Sac Air and Space Museum in Nebraska. MathAlive is an interactive exhibit that brings math alive for students and families.“MathAlive! is designed to inspire, to spark the imagination, to reveal not only math at.

www.mathalive.com. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: 1) Take the METRO! I drove and the parking around the Center is horrible. I knew that before going but I thought the parking angels would be with me. Apparently, they were busy! 2) There are several bathrooms throughout the Center although they are a little difficult to maneuver with a stroller. The.

The great thing about this exhibit is that it is age-appropriate for everyone. I read the details of every panel, RJ just read enough of the directions to get the games started, and Rielle was just excited that when she pushed a button, there was a light and a sound.